HomeCleaning services


   Our daily lives become busier and faster. We may spend less time and efforts in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of our home and that on the workplace. This is why our company strives to provide services, which may help you to perform the difficult task of their cleaning. We try to provide a variety of services to satisfy the needs of our customers to the largest possible extent.


To meet the high demands of our customers we offer both general cleaning of the home and office and optional services.


The general cleaning and optional services may be subject to subscription agreement at the desire of the customer.The general cleaning includes a range of services, which are selected so as to ensure perfect cleanliness and comfort at home or at work.


The subscription agreement enables our customers to benefit from preferential prices or to use discounts / promotional services in negotiating the terms and conditions of the agreement.


The optional services may be combined into service packages depending on your needs.They also offer you an opportunity to enjoy discounts and promotional terms and conditions.


The services “Cleaning of Shop Windows”, “Cleaning after Repair” and “Delivery of Supplies” are also available as a single or subscription service, either individually or in a package of services.